Look up the attributes describing your graphs, diagrams, and funnels generated on your data.

Date, Week, Month An indicated statistics period.
Session count The count of sessions that have been completed by your website visitors for the indicated period.
Session duration Visitor grouping by the duration of visitor’s session duration. For example, 5 visitors have spent on your application for about 7-10 minutes.
Session number An ordinal number of the visitor’s session.
Browser Provides the details about the visitors by their browsers.
Browser version Provides the details about the visitors by their browser types and versions.
Device type Provides the details about the visitors by their device types: desktop, mobile, tablet, or bot. (our system identifies and displays the bots that have visited your system, such as Google Bot, Robot Bot, or Crawler)
Device model Defines the device model of your visitor.
OS family Defines the visitors by their OS families and OS versions.
Screen resolution Defines the visitors by their device’s screen resolution in pixels.
Language Defines the visitors by the language set on their devices.
Traffic source type Provides the details about the visitors by their traffic source. The traffic source configuration can be set in the settings of application and/or experiment.
Attribute 1 (2, 3) Additional parameters of the traffic source that have been obtained according to the configuration in the application settings.
Referrer domain The domain site name, where your visitor has come from.
Referrer URL A full address of the website, where your visitor has come from.
Country The country, where the visitor has come from on your website.
State The state/oblast/region, where the visitor has come from on your website.
City The city, where the visitor has come from on your website.
Lifetime The grouping of the visitor’s active time between the first and the last action in the application. For example, the activity time in application of 100 visitors is for about 30-40 minutes between the first action (login) and the last one (the item purchase).
Time in application The grouping of total time during which the visitor has spent time on you application/website.
Revenue per visitor The grouping of unique visitors by the revenue obtained after the usage of the site. The groups are formed automatically depending on the received data.
Position The position of each visitor’s action in the order starting from the last action.
Action type The type of visitor’s action. It can be set for any type of integration, by choosing the type you need. Read more about settings in Integration.
Content The content is related to the Action type. For example, you’ve set the Click action type for the Sign in button. The title “Sign in” will be your content. In Crashes, this attribute shows the test of the error.
Previous action type The previous action type of the visitor.
Previous content The previous content, where the visitor performed some actions.
Custom attribute 1 (2,3) Additional action parameters that are set at the advanced integration. Read more about settings for different integration types in Integration.
App version The attribute is used in Crashes for grouping the data by their application versions (for mobile applications). The version can be visible only after user’s settings. Otherwise, this value is empty.
Level An additional technical parameter that characterizes the range of impact on the chart. This attribute is used in the Actions by content report.
Sequence The sequence of actions that have been performed by the visitor before or after some particular action type.
Funnel stage Describes the action type and content at every step of the funnel. It is used in the Action funnel and Action funnel by time reports.
Conversion pair The conversion pair that is set in the filters of Action attributes.
First Index (X), Second Index (Y), Third Index (Z) The quality attributes that correspond to the Quality indexes. These attributes are set by the user and automatically are used by the system. They are used in the Traffic quality reports.