General questions

What is Maxymizely?

  • Maxymizely is a powerful marketing platform that combines A/B testing tools, traffic quality analytics, visitor-behavior analytics, and many other marketologist tools.

How is Maxymizely different from Optimizely, VWO, and A/B Testy?

  • Maxymizely has its own analytical system.

How is Maxymizely analytics different from Google Analytics, Flurry, and Mixpanel?

  • Maxymizely is an analytical ecosystem providing all at once: general analytics, A/B/N & MVT testing, traffic analytics, crash analytics with user-friendly ways of integration.
  • Maxymizely works with raw, not aggregated data.
  • Maxymizely has flexible ways of cooperation: use a ready product or contact our support team and get a customized solution.
  • Maxymizely is supported by Fingerprint and Antifraud.

How can I integrate my system with Maxymizely?

You have 3 integration options:

1) One-click integration (a visual editor without programming, where you set segments to track actions)

2) User integration (for mobile applications):

3) Custom integration (If you have a complex site we can provide you with all the assistance you need for the integration.)

  • If you don’t know what type of integration to choose, email us. Our support team will give you a hand with this one!

Which applications can be integrated with Maxymizely?

  • Any application, which is mobile or web, can be integrated with Maxymizely.

What types of integration are available with Maxymizely?

  • For mobile apps, via SDK (Android, iOS).
  • For desktop apps with direct access to HTTP protocol.
  • For web applications – via JavaScript libraries and Action Script.

What is MAU?

  • MAU is an abbreviation that stands for Monthly Active Users. By “users” Maxymyzely means the visitors of your resource.

What are the main principles of the Maxymizely platform?

  • Focuses on interdependencies/relationships between data variables vs. the data itself.
  • Provides extensive capabilities for user action tracking and a variety of analytical reports that help understand key metrics and motives of user behavior.
  • Enables fast and easy integration with applications, both mobile and web.

How can I get started with Maxymizely?

Will I need to do anything on my side to integrate my app(s) with Maxymizely?

  • Yes, you will need to implement the Maxymizely SDK or JavaScript library and integrate Maxymizely with your app(s).

Can I use Maxymizely and other analytical platforms at the same time?

  • Yes, you can.

Is there integration with my content management system?

  • Yes, Maxymizely can be integrated with any system that supports web service by calling API.

What user-specific data do you store?

  • Maxymizely can only use the data that you allow being tracked.

Where can I learn more about each report?

  • Please refer to this link to learn all the metrics of each report.

What types of actions can I use in my application?

The list of events includes:

  • Load Page
  • Click
  • View element
  • Download
  • Upload
  • Submit
  • Registration
  • Purchase
  • Login
  • Other
  • Error
  • Session start
  • Session end

Which events can I attach the tracking code to in the web environment?

  • HTML content tracking codes can be installed on all events, with an exception of closing a browser window. For Flash applications, tracking codes can be installed on all types of events including asynchronous.

Can I use additional attributes of actions?

Yes. The following fields are available:

  • Value – Type: floating point number (double)
  • CustomAttribute1
  • CustomAttribute2
  • CustomAttribute3 – Type: String

I use tracking codes on several web-apps. Can I determine which users have visited several of my web-apps?

  • Yes, our system supports cross-site tracking.

Can I control data collection start and stop time?

  • Yes, you can specify the time for starting and stopping data collection process.

Do you identify users in your system?

  • We identify only new users by assigning them a unique User ID.

Does Maxymizely measure DAU (Daily Active Unique Users) / MAU (Monthly Active Unique Users) and where can I see it?

  • Yes, it does. The dynamics of these figures you can see in the Analytics tab > Sessions by Time or New vs. Returned reports > the Unique Users column. Just like in all other reports, firstly, you should choose the time range during which you would like to see the statistics.

Can I export my reports into Excel?

  • Yes, you’re able to export your reports into Excel or CSV files.

Where can I download the JS library or an SDK?

  • Maxymizely team will supply you with all the technical information as soon as you register.

How can I receive my login information?

  • You’ll receive it on your e-mail address.

Will Maxymizely affect the performance of my application during or after the integration?

  • No, there will be no negative impact on your application performance.

How long can historical data be used in my analytics?

  • For 1 year, then the data is deleted.