Traffic settings

On this stage, you may set the rules for traffic distribution in the experiment.

  1. Firstly, split the traffic on the scale between your experiment visitors and the default visitors that do not see the experimental variations.

Traffic of Experiment vs. Original

2. Now, segment your audience or continue without segmentation.


Audience Segmentation

At this step, you may segment the audience according to its traffic source, browser, device, location, language, etc.


Adding Segments


Adding Segments

3. Make as many segments as you need and click Next.


Adding Segments


Adding Segments

4. After clicking Next, you may also set the percentage of traffic splitting among variations:

a) Evenly: you split the traffic proportionally among all variations.

b) Intelligent Conversion: you let Maxymizely automatically maximize your site conversion; you may choose the main goal and when your goal is reached (e.g. the button is clicked, the page is scrolled, etc.), Maxymizely considers it as success and distribute more traffic to the best variation.


Intelligent Conversion Traffic Distribution

c) Manually:  you may set the scales of traffic splitting for the variations the way you like it.


Manual Traffic Distribution

5. When you are done, click Continue and you are redirected to the last stage, Preview and publishing.