Technical questions

Why my data hasn’t been received yet?

The data may not be received for 3 reasons:

  1. The traffic for the application hasn’t been received yet.
  2. The data hasn’t been fetched from the database yet.
  3. It takes 30 minutes for us to aggregate user’s sessions and deliver them to you.

Can I upload my user attribute data to Maximizely?

  • Sure, Maxymizely can do that for you as a custom solution. Contact us to discuss it.

What is user attribute data?

  • User attribute data is the data about your user (e.g. age, email, platform used, etc.) that you may have collected from any other system.

Can I integrate Maximizely with my current data warehouse/system?

  • Yes, we can use your server’s infrastructure if you are using Mongo DB software.

How often does my data get updated on Maximizely?

  • The data gets updated continuously. New data gets refreshed every hour in the user reporting interface.

How can I integrate Maximizely to my system?

Here you are, all the info you need on the integration:

You have 3 integration options:

1) One-click integration (a simple way for simple applications)

2) User integration (for mobile applications):

3) Custom integration (If you have a complex site we can provide you with all the assistance you need for the integration.)

If you don’t know what type of integration to choose, email us. Our support team will give you a hand with this one!