Revenue by content

Study the revenue share which is received from particular actions.

  • For instance, see what items/services have been purchased/not purchased.
  • If not purchased, innovate or exclude the item/service.

Revenue by ContentMetrics and attributes used:

  • Action type – a selected action type.
  • Content – a selected action name/title/content.
  • Unique visitors – unique visitors that have visited your application for the indicated interval.
  • Unique visitors, % – the share of new visitors on your website from all unique visitors for the indicated interval.
  • Total revenue – a total amount of the visitor-generated revenue obtained from all visitor’s sessions for the indicated interval. To see this metric, indicate the Value parameter and link it with a particular action type, e.g. Purchase. (read more in the Integration section)
  • Avg. revenue per visitor – an average amount of the visitor-generated revenue.
  • Avg. revenue per action – an average amount of revenue per action.
  • Total revenue, % – a total amount of the visitor-generated revenue, %.
  • Total actions – the sum of actions per each action type and content.

Learn more about Metrics and Attributes.