Revenue by custom attributes

Group all actions (e.g. Purchase) by Content and other transferred attributes.

Revenue by Custom AttributesMetrics and attributes used:

  • Action type – the type of visitor’s action. It can be set for any type of integration, by choosing the type you need. Read more about settings in Integration.
  • Content – the content is related to the Action type. For example, you’ve set the Click action type for the Sign in button. The title “Sign in” will be your content. In Crashes, this attribute shows the test of the error.
  • Custom attribute 1 (2, 3) – additional action parameters that are set at the advanced integration. Read more about settings for different integration types in Integration.
  • Unique visitors – unique visitors that have visited your application for the indicated interval.
  • Total revenue – a total amount of the visitor-generated revenue obtained from all visitor’s sessions for the indicated interval. To see this metric, indicate the Value parameter and link it with a particular action type, e.g. Purchase. (read more in the Integration section)
  • Average revenue per visitor – an average amount of the visitor-generated revenue.
  • Median revenue – a middle point in visitor’s revenue. An alternative way to find the average revenue.
  • Avg. revenue per action – the revenue that is calculated as the ratio of Total revenue to Total actions (by the particular action type and content). This metrics is used in such reports as Revenue by content and Revenue by custom attributes.
  • Total actions – the sum of actions per each action type and content.

Learn more about Metrics and Attributes.