Traffic sources

Define the best traffic source to purchase.

Traffic SourcesMetrics and attributes used:

  • Attribute 1 (2, 3) – additional parameters of the traffic source that have been obtained according to the configuration in the application settings.
  • Traffic source type – provides the details about the visitors by their traffic source. The traffic source configuration can be set in the settings of application and/or experiment.
  • Total sessions – a total number of visitor’s sessions for the indicated interval.
  • Avg. session duration – an average duration of the visitor`s session in the format HH:MM:SS.
  • Sessions per visitors – an average number of sessions of unique visitors.
  • Unique visitors – unique visitors that have visited your application for the indicated interval.
  • Total revenue – a total amount of the visitor-generated revenue obtained from all visitor’s sessions for the indicated interval. To see this metric, indicate the Value parameter and link it with a particular action type, e.g. Purchase. (read more in the Integration section)
  • Avg. revenue per visitor – an average amount of the visitor-generated revenue.
  • Avg. revenue per session – an average amount of the revenue per visitor’s session.

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